Where Women and Girl Rights are Valued.

End Gender Inequality

We Support Women Reproductive Right

We do believe that every Woman has the right to her body. We actively campaign against violence against women, forced pregnancy and child marriage.

We Support Girl Child Right To Education

Yes that's right, Education is a basic child need, we actively campaign against discrimination against children based on sex. Train a girl child today and you train a nation.

"Our Mission"

To enhance efforts targeted at improving women and girls wellbeing through advocacy, programmes, policy engagements and best practices

"Investing in women means investing in people who invest in everyone else."

Melinda Gates Co-Founder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Initiative for Women and Girls Right Advancement (IWOGRA)

We are a non-governmental, non-profit women and girls’ right organization that works towards the promotion and protection of human rights, equity and social justice in Nigeria.

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Our Campaigns

Role Of Men In Ending And Preventing Rape Culture?

The Initiative for Women and Girls Right Advancement (IWOGRA) believes it’s time we make men and boys allies in the fight against rape culture and bringing the concerns of women and girls to the front burner of interventions being made to end rape. There is need for the men to contribute to the development of the society by championing the campaign against sexual violence. Men can play a positive role in preventing men’s violence against women and indeed, without men’s involvement, efforts to reduce and prevent violence against women will be achieved half way.

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